Aqua Icelander - Horse Treadmill - Water Treadmill

The Aqua Icelander Treadmill is a perfect choice for maximum results in the training program for every horse trainer.

The equipment doesn’t need any special construction for installation,only flat surface approx 25 square meters.

The operation is through touch panel and is fully programmable in a very user friendly environment.

Up to 100 storable programs possible, so every horse has his one tailor-made program and the trainer can follow up and monitor the exercise.

The water level is adjustable from 0 cm up to 1,2 meter water level.

Incline option can be set from 0-10% for uphill work.

The Aqua Icelander Treadmill can also be used as a dry treadmill for different purpose.

Status of water level, running speed, belt incline, and training time is displayed and can be adjusted simultaneously.

Aqua Icelander Treadmill is all stainless steel.

Large safety glass windows on all sides, allow the operator to view the horse throughout the exercise program.