About Us

Formax is a small engineering and equipment manufacturing company in Iceland specialized in horse equipment and fish processing technology. Our solid base of knowledge in the food industry and the know-how in production now also gives us the opportunity to manufacture state of the art horse equipment. We build our horse equipment l with same requirements as our food processing machinery to minimizes dirt traps and infection.

With more than 25 years of history in the business the company has gained   knowledge and experience.  A number of products and system solutions have been developed, installed and tested.   All of our machines are developed in close collaboration with the client and our equipment is adapted to the client´s needs.  

Our mission is to develop, produce and manufacture equipment that helps our clients to improve their productivity, yield and quality in accordance with their objectives. 

Our means to fulfill the mission are good engineering skills in mechanics, electronics, process engineering and design as well as excellent craftsmanship. 

Our approach is to analyze the alternatives our client has and choose the solution and level of sophistication that suits the purpose. 

Our products are reliable machinery that fits into our client needs.