Aqua Dryer with Infra red Solarium lamp and Aqua-Wave vibrating floor.

Dryer - Unique horse wellness

The  equine dryer is equipped with two blowers, one on each side. Warm air is guided to both sides of the horse with 150 special air nozzles. The gentle breeze is constantly moving up and down during the process therefore the legs, hooves, sides and chest gets evenly air dried.


Infrared Lamps

Over the horse back and neck are a Unique Ceramic lamps that generates IR heat  to the whole back and lower neck of the horse. Same ceramic IR lamps are used in thousands of Infrared sauna cabins worldwide. 


Aqua Wave

The vibrafloor technique is well known on the market. We offer vibrafloor horizontal and tilting option UME -  Unique Muscle Equalizer.  This system equalize the weight of the horse´s legs by rolling the plate  to both sides twice per minute. This technique guaranties that the whole body of the horse  absorbs the vibrating treatment



Dryer AQI-30 AQI-32D
Exterior Height 240 cm 265 cm
Exterior Length 230 cm 250 cm
Exterior Width 186 cm 196 cm
Weight 950 kg 980 kg