Experience with Aqua Icelander at Tweseldown UK

Her name is Emily Nicol - this young lady is going to go far! Q. Who have you bought to The Tweseldown Aqua Icelander treadmill and what are their career highlights? I have bought both of my event horses to work on the treadmill: a young horse competing in the 2017 5yo classes, and a 9 year old competing at CCI* level Q. Do they have any underlying veterinary issues? Neither of my horses have any veterinary issues, however over the summer we decided that the ground was far too hard for them to do canter work on, so to save their legs we started bringing them down to the treadmill. Both horses greatly benefited from this, and after every session we could feel the difference of them using their back end more, especially in the walk. Q. Has the treadmill helped with these issues? N/A Q. Who else is on your support team and what do they think about you using the treadmill? My instructor, who is based with us, also immediately felt the change in the horses, especially in my 5 year old. They were so much straighter and had much more purpose in their walk,  which was great considering how laid back they can both be! I would recommend using the treadmill to anyone.